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PBC Lokomotiv Kuban redesign

PBC Lokomotiv Kuban, 2018


Lokomotiv sports society is one of the legendary national sports brands. The main logotypes of the society clubs have a classic, recognizable design, reflect the continuity and traditions. Lokomotiv basketball club emblem is different and at odds with the overall concept.

The old logo had a lot of problems including:
— Letter L is not clearly designed. Its trapezoidal shape makes it easy to confuse it with letter D.
— The logo is not steady, it is tilted to the right. One wants to turn it a bit so that to align it horizontally.
— It is not advisable to combine a sign and lettering in the main logo. This way the emblem becomes overloaded which makes it hard to look at it. Complexes, the desire to be important and recognizable dominate the picture.

The new logo fixes these problems.

The new logo combines modern sports design and continuity of the sports society traditions. At the same time it stands out from other club logos. The logotype is austere and brutal to a reasonable degree. These are good characteristics for a sports club.

The modern brand identity of the team is not limited to the logo. It should be the whole set: logos, sublogos, letterings and other things. The club needs to be prepared for all sorts of situations.

The whole set of letterings and numbers was made in the same style. When all parts of the uniform are closely connected to each other, one can feel the monolithic style of a team. Lokomotiv is the only basketball team in Russia with such a big set of brand identity symbols.

Signature digit fonts are not considered important in Russian sports. The number allows to identify the player easily from the bleachers or on TV. They are seen more often and are more recognizable. Numbers are an important element of the club’s style.


The new uniform design is one of the top ones in the Under Armour line. The club changed its color scheme for the uniform. It will now be wearing the red uniform at VTB United league games, and the green uniform for Eurocup. It was the other way around before. The Eurocup uniform set has a shortened name Loko. Such club name shortenings on game jerseys is basketball tradition. Interesting detail: the rules don’t permit to write the name above the number.


The studio created a unique gesture for Lokomotiv that forms a monogram LK, Loko Kuban. It is not often that a team can boast its own signature gesture. It is such a rare occasion that we can only remember Zenit with its arrow off the top of our heads. Basketball is closely related to hip-hop culture that values gestures. The new gesture will refresh the communication of Lokomotiv fans. If carefully staged and directed it will help make the broadcast rich and emotional. Three-pointer — the fans on the bleachers point at the shooter. The trophy taken — the player can spectacularly demonstrate the championship ring.