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Hockey logo of the Kazakhstan Federation

QHF, 2019

In Kazakhstan of 2019 several significant things happened: the renaming of the capital, confirmation of the transition to the Latin alphabet and the hockey team leaving the top division, where Russia, Finland and the USA are already waiting for it. In honor of the latest event, Quberten studio prepared a rebranding of the emblem of the Kazakhstan Hockey Federation and the national team itself, which has been asking for a long time.

The main element is the letter Q, which is almost never found in hockey and is not connected with the main hockey teams, so Kazakhstan, in addition to the logo, will have a clear associative series. The letter Q itself, due to the unusual tail, looks original and recognizable, the figure of the hockey player is chosen in such a way as to look dynamic and at the same time correspond to the inner space of the letter. Plus, in our version of Q, several meanings are sewn up: proportions and roundings hint at the hockey box, and the tail is guessed at the puck, which flies to the viewer from the hockey player in the background.