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Redesign of FC BATE

Football club BATE, 2020

BATE is the main football club of Belarus and a prominent European competition player in the post-Soviet space. Glorious victories over Bayern Munich and Arsenal force not only Borisov residents to watch the team. Serious results bring serious requirements: now the club is increasingly being compared with other teams of the Champions League and the Europa League, and not with neighbors in the Belarusian league. And you need to comply not only on the football field.

The old BATE logo required a major overhaul and upgrade to the level of 2020, when it is not just desirable, but necessary to indicate your presence in digital. But we didn’t want to lose tradition with history — a deep analysis of the entire history of the club’s logos was required.

The basis of the basics is the yellow-blue color of the logo. It was important to reflect the desire to win and be the first in the logo. As a result, an element such as a flag appeared. Club colors are reflected in the logo in the form of stripes but there is nothing that could historically justify them. At the same time, there are no references and allusions to the industrial context of the club, the factory past is not reflected in any way — it was decided to move according to this vector.

The logo has seriously changed — it has become cleaner and more meaningful. Now it stands out from the teams playing in the domestic championship and is not lost among the European giants. First of all, we cheered up the tired flag, blow up the canvas with sports anger and geometricity. It is divided by a strip — this is a reference both to the Borisov flag and to the factory — the blue stripes at the edges resemble lightning. Instead of the Bookman Old Style font, both out of style and obsolete, we drew fresh lettering with the aesthetics of the heavy car industry — massive squat letters look unappealable. The principles of elementary lettering are also transferred to the geometry of the numbers of players. In addition to the elementary lettering, the abbreviation FCBB has been developed which is necessary for moments when a team plays in European competitions.


Football is a fairly closed sport and filled with established traditions; any new feature can dramatically distinguish a club from its competitors. The numbers have a perforated pattern resembling the work of mechanisms. This technique is rarely found in football and can advantageously distinguish a team from the rest.

In fact, now the BATE football club has a whole ecosystem, including a logo, sublogos, monograms (BB and FCBB), patterns and hard geometric composition. And this is not just a chaotic set of tools but interconnected and harmonized elements of the whole. In the post-Soviet football space it's difficult to find something similar to the complex and multi-component corporate style that the club from Borisov received.


As the club’s main font, TypeType’s latest variable TT Squares Neue font has been selected. This is an exclusive font family, simple and clean, despite the use of the octagon at its core. The typeface is great for sports design.