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Brandbook of HC Spartak


Spartak has one of the most legendary designs within Russian sports: you will always recognize the rhombus, the letter ‘C’ and the diagonal stripe wherever you go. But even such a stable identity needs a set of rules and more flexibility. We have developed the brandbook for the Spartak Hockey Club, which not only fixes the basic installations, but also introduces new elements of the corporate style, bringing the club’s traditions closer with more modern trends.

Simplified rhombus — without the letter ‘C’

The identity of the club should look clear and harmonious on all surfaces: from advertising boards along the ice, to merchandise and miniature media carriers on the Internet. For some of these tasks, we have developed a simplified logo. No over-the-top elements, just a classic rhombus and red-and-white colouring; this construction is monolithic and instantly read in microformats (up to 20 mm).

A simplified logo is an actual solution for club merchandise, especially for casual lines that should be stylish and not resemble part of a fan’s wardrobe. A lightweight sign without direct references to sports, on the one hand, adorns clothes, on the other. This serves as a non-obvious brand identifier (those who are immersed in sports will understand everything anyway).

Even a simplified logo is able to fill even the most basic elements of communication with more meaning. For example, in accidental text blocks, it can replace dashes or hyphens in inscriptions like hat-trick, making the picture instantly come to life.

Eight derived signs for merchandise, two stripes and letterings of different eras

The corporate identity of a large club should not be limited to only a couple of emblem types, especially since Spartak has such a rich history that opens up many possibilities.

Depending on the situation, Spartak can use different retro letterings that take into account the context of all the eras in which the club existed (1946, 1960, 1980). This can be the design of the stadium for retro-match, it can be a thematic merchandise or historical content in social networks.

The basic line of merchandise was diversified by eight derived characters: some are executed with Cyrillic, some with Latin, and one even introduces the fan motto ’Wear me with pride’. Each such logo can be used either individually or in combination with the main logo.

Two classic lines have become a significant symbol, which can look organically on strict official media carriers (documents, folders, envelopes), and on souvenir products (as a decorative element). Also, two lines are interwoven into the system of new Spartacus patterns, which play the sides of the rhombus in different combinations.

The brandbook lays the foundation for the work of every aspect of the corporate identity: from the exact shade of red for all surfaces and the angle of the diamond faces to the appearance of business cards, folders, press conference signs, arena tickets and the design of the team bus. Such a document makes the work of the club more systematic, more meaningful and effective.