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Design of Artek sticks

Artek Sticks, 2017

Artek Sticks company produces professional composite carbon sticks of monocoque structure made of material reinforced by carbon nanotubes. Working on the visual style of the sticks we decided to abandon the traditional decoration and try to think of a graphic trick that would make the sticks noticeable on the ice rink taking long distances into account.

In the end warning coloration of predators, bright, conspicuously recognizable, contrasting with the environment, served as the basis of the work. We designed series of aggressive cellular prints: Wasp, Frog, Aspid, Tiger, Python, Grampus and Tyrrano. We also designed the marking, information fields considering the grip of hands and position on the promotion stand. We designed a special font Artek X-Sport. All the elements are supplied with detailed descriptions in the guideline.